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About the Forever Wild Conservation Programme

"Every debate is important because it keeps the issue alive, and right now that is critical if rhinos are to survive." Ian Player

The Wilderness Foundation’s Forever Wild Conservation Programme was developed by the Wilderness Foundation in 2011 as a response to the rhino poaching crisis and is active through the Rhino Protection Initiative.

The programme is now in the process of being expanded to include lion, leopard, elephant and great white shark conservation initiatives as they represent key species symptomatic of the challenges facing the environments in which they live. By using iconic wildlife species as the flagship to draw attention to challenges facing conservation and wilderness areas across Africa, conservation initiatives can be directed towards these species resulting in the protection of landscapes and the associated wildlife including all the biological components which drive these systems.

The Forever Wild Conservation Programme will continue to work with both state and privately owned protected areas to promote effective management, expansion and innovative means to involve and benefit local communities.

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